Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lazy days

 The weekdays are really long for J in this new job. The drive is nasty, I am not talking bumper to bumper traffic but miles. The nature of the job puts him in the middle of no where. They drive is 40 miles into the desert. He is now in a van pool that saves him some on gas and is just one less car making the huge drive with only one person. Glorious, just what makes him a happy camper. It is the last thing I would picture J doing. It won't be forever. He is really shinning through for us and like one of very good friends told me when he left, "he really wants to take care of you." Awww...... my heart melts.
So these last couple of weekends have better complete relaxation. For two days we have lounged around the apartment, I have gotten use to this for most of my days are like this right now. I am good at it. Reading here, surfing the web there, small errands to town, breakfast, lunch and dinner, a little play time, and a little animal time, just enjoying being.

With J home, we make coffee then hop right back in bed and watch movies. It is a treat. The best part of this new move is him cooking. He makes us breakfast every morning he is home. Yesterday perfect egg sandwiches, today the pictured oatmeal (S.W. yes those are still organic blueberries from WC, we are on our last bag. Booo). Yes, this is the life and I love it.

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