Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A good bye of sorts

I truly feel speechless, almost breathless at times, thinking of how fortunate I am. I have a winning hand of cards and everything is falling into place.

You know the age old saying that you don’t know what you have until it is gone. Yeah, I get it. I honestly didn’t know what I had until I was faced to let it go.

I love Bellingham - this place is extremely special. I like the self proclaimed "subdudeness"of the small city. Subduded excitement - that is Bellingham for you. The small town nestled in the corner of the pacific northwest is green, lush, progressive, intelligent, surrounded by bays, mountains, and every thing in between.

I have lived here all my life, by choice, or by ignorance, but I don't think that there are many places in the United States that can hold a flame to the PNW. Yet, it is finally time for me to let Bellingham go for the time being (?). In my last few weeks in this cozy little town -  I want it to be filled with friends, friends and more friends, bike rides (in the rain and mud), my favorite restaurants and bars, run/walks in my favorite parks (in the trees) and whatever else my little sense of adventure takes me.

Where ever this fine life may take me I will always be a child of my environment. I was raised in the trees and will forever feel very comforted by a low fog as it nestles into the tall trees. The ferns and moss will always pad my landing of far fetched dreams.

I will miss you Bellingham, you were very good to me.
I will miss good laughs from friends like these - I don't know of anyone who can hold a flame to BD's whit and character.

I will miss dinner parties, bike rides, and climbing trips with these great friends. I will really miss you AZ!

This simple little house will provide enduring memories...

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  1. Miss you, too. Have fun climbing this weekend. Hope see you soon.