Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Motherly Loving

I have a few things for you to wrap up the weekend and greet us in the beginning of a new week. 
Our weekend has been blessed by company here in the desert.
Company in the form of mama - yes mama Betsy! It was Mama B's first time flying solo for the visit. She has been on a whirlwind tour de kiddos. Ohhhh mama and her little boy.....

This is on the shores of the mighty Columbia River. We are on the Pasco side. There is about 150 yards on each bank for public use through out town. This is a great use of space, allowing everyone to enjoy the shorelines. 
We took B up Badger Mountain, well we took her close to the top, looming thunderstorms and high winds had all three ladies pointed back to the car.

She was a wonderful warm soul to have gracing our presence needless to say keeping us entertained and well loved. She did anything that we came across - and had to hold her back after some heavenly pork tacos, beer and half a glass of wine from singing "Jeremiah was a Bullfrog" at the wine bar. That is Mama B!

We took her to our favorite Mexican food joints in Pasco, my favorite tasting room, Bookwalter's, up the street, for fondue, wine and live music, we took her hiking, shopping, touring Walla Walla, wine tasting at El Nicole, we played noisy games at a quiet little cheese shop, and I forget to mention that J made us great food like a delish eggplant parmesan.
It was treat to have company AND have J home for a couple of days - and he is a delight to have in the kitchen! 

 Snack time!
The Marcus Whitman - a must see hotel in Walla Walla

Oh yeah - and we went to the roller derby! How about them manzanas?

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