Sunday, November 07, 2010


Fall is upon us, it seems to come and go in a blink of an eye or the gusts of wind that bring in winter. The leaves have been rich, vibrant, exploding with color. The desert is beautiful this time of year. The temperatures are tolerable, the days are crisp and often sunny.
This is the second cat I want - it lives somewhere between our house and Bateman, just where it belongs. 
Our apartment is full enough already.

My days are filled with walks with the wonderful little pup. Across the street from our apartment is Bateman Island, it is a great little nature preserve. Natasha and I walk here every weekday and where these pictures are taken.
A perfect Fall morning.

I have found beauty in the desert. I enjoy blue sky - it really isn't that hard to do, as you can tell.
I enjoy all the different stages of fall, from the first few leaves that start to change. The cringes I make when I must say good by to the summer and prepare for a long cold season.
Then to a full explosion of color. Colors that burst with fierce hues of gold, reds, yellows, oranges and browns. Contrasted by a blue sky - and here here in the Tri Cities, blue rivers.
Then the leaves fall to the ground and the same routine ensues, my bike tires rip through the sea of crunchy potential compost, I look for Natasha's poop disguised in the leaves (not my favorite adventure), I am reminded cross country practices years ago that always occupied the fall season, I enjoy the last of the fresh produce and squeeze any last outdoor adventures because I hate cold wet weather in which I retreat to the gym.
Here is to a long winter in a new place and new hobbies.

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