Monday, November 22, 2010


I told everyone that it did not snow in the Tri Cities. This place is dry, the desert for crying out loud! Oh wait, wait a moment, we may have moved but this little princess is still in Washington none the less.

There are three inches of snow on the ground - it is only 6am and still snowing.

Good thing for me I still have no where pressing to be, just the hot pursuit for a job. Although I am really settling into a good unemployed routine.

A routine that starts by building a fire, making hot cocoa, baileys, finishing a book and of course a date with Mad Men.... my day is complete.

Our apartment has a wood burning stove, I should have known that it was going to snow. I just built a "fire" yeah I ready for the ski town that J dreams about.... HAH!

Happy Thanksgiving week to ya'll! I hope more than anything that it brings you closer to friends and family and some really fine cooking.


  1. Thanks Steve! J and I are very curious as to your where abouts. Where ever it is I hope all is well and you are living it to the fullest. We think of you often!

  2. I think of you guys, too. I just arrived in Boulder two days ago. Hoping this is my last stop for a while...