Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The beer drinkers guide to Bellingham

I miss a few things about Bellingham.

Well actually the list is pretty long, good thing the bustling little town is a stone's throw away. A throw that maybe only a professional stone thrower could make. Never mind.  I love going back to see my friends and get a dose funky patchouli drenched, fern worshiping, dirty tree thumping culture.

I miss the men with facial hair. The women with armpit hair - yep - sad but true. Sandals with socks. The sea of Subarus, dreads, guys in tight jeans and ladies in lots of linen. The coffee, the beer, the bakeries, how sweet is their nectar.

How else does one survive insurmountable rain all year long?

Caffeine, booze, baked goods.

I miss our hang outs. J and I could post up at numerous locations, they seem like extensions of our house. Bellingham is comfortable like that. I think it is all the rain, people tend to congregate around libations and caffeinated bevies wearing house shoes.

Fresh beer is to be revered. On tap, poured into a sturdy pint glasses.  Proper fresh beer worth indulging in. J teaches me important things like this and that beer and peanuts are a complete meal on some occasions. He is smart like that. Smarty pants!

Where in Bellingham do you get good beer you might ask?

OH I have been hoping that you would ask!

Here is my beer drinking guide to Bellingham:

Chuckanut Brewery
In a town obsessed with mind numbingly over hopped beers, people clutch to their frosty IPAs with a passion.  The Chuckanut Brewery sets the bar high with their lagers. They are good. They win awards. They are not the typical Pacific Northwest crafts - I would wager that you will enjoy unique and quality driven brews they offer.

Boundary Bay Brewery
Boundary is an institution in Bellingham. You are going to have to wait in line to get a table most days of the week. You should do it though. It is what the locals are doing. Go squeeze your belly up to the bar. The community that is created at this brewery is astounding, the art is always rotating, there are always musicians close at hand, they have well worn old wood floors, mismatched tables and there is something on the menu for anyone, including YOU. Their beer brings home a some awards as well. You will get hooked. Most people have.

Northfork Brewery
Pizzeria, beer shrine, wedding chapel.
If we had got married state side it would have been here. Yep, at a brew pub. My eyes are welling up, I adore this place. The small batch, British style ales will win your heart. The pizza will have you begging for more. You will stay for more because the rustic atmosphere is for real and will have you grabbing games off the shelves, playing for tab or simply listening to the locals can provide hours of entertainment. It is a short and scenic drive east from Bellingham, but what draws the crowds seems to be the universal necessity of a pint and a slice on the way home from Mt. Baker. It is a sacred place.

Green Frog Acoustic Tavern
If you are strolling around downtown Bellingham, this is a bar not to miss. They bring in great music most nights of the week, which attracts a humble following. The taps are ever rotating, 23 beers to be exact and they feature predominantly Northwest breweries. There is no crap on tap. It will make a beer drinker out of anyone. You can eat peanuts and toss the shells on the ground, play numerous instruments that adorn the walls and the neighboring pizza joint will deliver you a pizza. The Green Frog is a keeper.

Back Country Essentials
They have gear and beer. They have like 100 bottles of beer on the wall. Life is simple. That is all there is to it folks. This shop, staffed by fantastic outdoor enthusiasts and is located in the heart of downtown Bellingham. A must stop anytime you are in the area. You can grab a six pack of mix and match beers from across the world as you squeeze puffy jackets, flex skies, click cams and talk shop with friends. Keeping it real, go playing outside.

Now there is some beer high quality beer for a quaint little town. Are you ready to make a trip? Drop me a line if you want to know more. I love to talk.

We lack a sufficient hangout here in the desert. It is unfortunate.  A reliable hang out is a must, especially when you live in a dinky apartment or a rainy college town.

We give props BCE over here in the desert

Beer brought home in a mason jar is cool too.

We are adjusting to a different life style. Change is good.

The pour technique from a small mouth mason is a wee bit challenging. J can master anything.

J stopped in at Laht Neppur in Waitsburg to have a pint and peanuts on his way home from skiing at Bluewood. Lucky me, he brought home a mason jar of the Waitsburg Winter Warmer. He was incredibly stoked to share it with me, he knew I would love it. He had a great day skiing

Me like. I did drink. I drank two pints.

Everything is good.

End of story.

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