Thursday, January 27, 2011

Maintenance & a book for you

A little maintenance....

The site, THIS SITE:

Personal Pages.  As if this site wasn't too personal already..... You might have noticed a few new personal page links under the header up top.

I want you to know about the Reading is Sexy page. Reading is sexy, especially the printed word. Books are cool, you know this because you are smart and sexy already. I love to collect books but hoarding books in a not so permanent apartment is not that good of idea, makes us feel kind of claustrophobic. I cannot help it, I love a big beautiful and well stocked bookshelf.  I peruse Amazon on a daily basis, adding to my wish list and practicing fiscal responsibility by not "1 clicking" and having the entire collection of Nora Ephron books shipped to my door. Used book stores make me weak in the knees and can keep me busy for hours. I promised myself not to buy any more books until I have plowed through a handful. I am a slow reader and rather busy body so sitting down to read takes some effort, so instead of cracking open my laptop, I am creating the habit of opening up a book. So far so good.

Check out the Reading is Sexy page. Feel free to email me if you want to chat about a book, want to share a book or need book recommendations.

I have also created an index for the recipes that I have posted on this site. Hey, look LadyStiles is organized for like three minutes! Next, the closet..... until then, check out my recipes.

Have you heard of BlogHer? It is a total chic site and with that being said, I totally love it. It is an incredibly supportive platform for women writers. The lovely ladies at BlogHer have featured several of my little posts, including today on BlogHer's home page and recently in the series, "A Month of Little Steps To health and Fitness." If you are interested and haven't spent any time on the site, check it out.

AND... because it is almost the weekend, because I really think ya'll are great and adore the fact that you take the time to read and comment I want to pass along a little gem of a book, "The Four Agreements" By Don Miguel Ruiz. Have you read any of Don Miguel Ruiz's work? I think he is an eloquent writer and has some very positive positive and timeless messages to share. I have a couple of extra copies on my book shelf that I pass on to people that might enjoy or be able to glean from.

If you happen to be interested in a copy, leave me a note on this post. Tell me about your favorite book right now or a book you think I might enjoy. I will randomly generate a comment on Sunday, January 30 and send the book off to the lucky peep!

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