Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hildegard's 100% Spelt Bread

True love is a serious thing - as is baking bread. Both serious but both easy with a wee bit of confidence.

First thing first - LOVE

True love, the deepest of friendships blesses me in a myriad of forms from a caring life long partner, dear friends, some sweet family members, and our precious little dog. These relationships are not to be taken lightly or for granted they need caring and tending to grow and a little kneading now and again.

Real things take time and effort, they don't hang on the wall and gather dust.

J came home last week, the last working day of a long week and took me out to dinner and then proceed to take me to go listen to music and drink a bottle of wine. Heaven forbid that our marriage gather dust. He did this for me, I know he would much rather go eat Mexican food in Pasco or eat chicken wings in a bar and more likely try finding the best fried chicken, but he went and drank wine with me, a favorite pass time of mine. He sat in a snooty wine bar (not the ideal location but we are in the arm of of Washington) with me, watched people dance to cover songs and we downed a bottle of wine. Some things take time, some things are worth the time. My heart melted when J took the time for me.

Life is a blessing, it's a delicatessen
Of all the little favors you do.
All wrapped up together no matter the weather,
Baby you always come through.
It's a measure of treasure that gives me the pleasure
Of loving you the way I do
And you know I would gladly say I need your love badly
And bring these little things to you.

Cause you got gold
Gold inside of you
You got gold
Gold inside of you
Well I got some
Gold inside me too

The other genuine relationships I cherish are my small group of girl friends, the Cascade Mountains and 300 miles separates us theses days, I now know I want to be surrounded by people that care about me. I miss the guys as well, they know me, one of them told me last time I was there that I looked too skinny and asked if I have ate at Arby's (I have never and will never eat at Arby's), he proceeded to tell me that I should go on an Arby's diet.  Roast beef sticks to your ribs apparently. It was the thought that counted.

I enjoy these lasting friendships that have taken time to develop.

These are the people I care about, the ones that tell you the truth. 

Second matter of the moment - BREAD

I enjoy things that take time to develop, like lasting friendships. I enjoy baking bread in my kitchen, using my hands and developing skills that have been around, yah know, since the beginning of time. Making bread is incredibly satisfying. The fact that we live in a city that lacks a good bakery (gasp) is also good reason to make our bread - or that I don't have a full time job and have the time helps.

In December I came across bread baking babes and jumped on board with a new group of ladies that enjoy another passion of mine, baking. I started with the taralli puliesi for the month of December. These little puppies were a chore! When January's challenge posted I got all giddy, the same giddy as I get for green soup. SPELT! I have a jar of spelt in the pantry in which I sprinkle the crunchy, sturdy flakes over yogurt nearly every morning. Spelt is also a staple ingredient in my favorite granola.

100% Spelt bread. I am all over this.

Here is the recipe, this month hosted by Astrid at Paulchens FoodBlog?!

Hildegard’s Spelt Bread

Makes 2 loafs

Recipe posted by Astrid

400 grams spelt flakes
600 grams whole spelt flour
15 grams salt
40 grams fresh yeast (16 grams instant yeast)
200 ml milk, lukewarm (I used soy milk....)
500 ml water, lukewarm
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 tablespoon sunflowerseed oil

Mix spelt flakes and spelt flour with the salt. Dissolve yeast in milk and combine everything to a sponge. Cover the bowl with a hand towel and let rest for about 15-20 minutes. It is crumbly.
Add water and lemon juice to the sponge and knead for at least 15 minutes gradually adding the sunflower oil. I was laughing when I first started with the big blob of goo. It did come together, have faith and patience. It is not every day you get to play with gakky goo. Have fun.

Form dough ball and coat with warm water. I placed mine in a bowl.

Cover again with a hand towel and let double in size. About an hour.

Knead for another 2-3 minutes.

Cut dough in 2 equal halves and place each in a baking pan.

Cut the surface of both breads about 5 mm deep and let rise again until doubled in size. I left it for about 30 minutes.

Bake the first 15 minutes at 200 °C [400F], then lower heat to 195 °C [385F] and bake for another 30 minutes.

Astrid’s notes:
- The longer you knead the dough, the more air will be incorporated – but be careful not to over knead the dough!
- You can also soak the spelt flakes in the lukewarm milk a while before you assemble the sponge, if you prefer.
- Be careful that the dough will not over rise, especially at the last rising step. Spelt loves to over rise if you are not careful enough.
- It’s recommended to place a bowl with water into the oven for the first 15 minutes of baking.
- You can also brush the finished bread with some milk and let dry for about one minute in the oven.

Spelt Bread


  1. thanks for joining us as a Buddy this Month!
    your bread turned out lovely!

  2. I have recently purchased spelt in two forms, rolled flakes and ground flour. Did you like the flavor of the bread, I have yet to make this up. By the way, I love your ceramic bread pan, it too is baked up brown and beautiful!