Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting the Line Wet in Texas

We spent a nice long hot and humid week deep in the heart of Texas. As you know, there is a big huge gaping warm and gooey spot in my heart for my Texan. Put us together in the Lone Star State, surround us with wonderful family, spray Southern hospitality, stuff us full of Southern cooking and drench us in sweet tea and cold beer.... may never hear of us again. We will be fishing, shooting guns, picking pecans, planting a big garden in dark black Texas soil, chasing kids around, spending time in Austin listening to as much music as possible....Well until we touch back down in Washington and preach the love for the PNW and just dream of the country life that Texas offers.

The moment J landed back at the Triple S Ranch he spotted the fishing reels, guns, and the ORV to get us to big open pastures that beckon him with freedom and take him back to carefree childhood days. As we load the tackle, water, dogs and head to the fishing hole we dodge epic proportions of grass hoppers, J is reminded of years long gone when he would race down the same roads on a motorcycle, fish in every pond, swim in every pond, shoot rain gages, shoot birds..... 

A smile crosses his face and an easiness is present the rest of the trip. That is what Texas does best.

Did I say that the first thing we did was go fishing? Well, actually right after we had dinner, we are in Texas ya'll....

I will never tire of fishing these little ponds. Never ever. 

 As long as I have this red bearded Texan by my side.

CBS has a few years of fishing under her belt. She is a champ.

I honestly thought that J might change our flight, the very last day we started to catch cat fish, 10 pound cat fish. I don't have any pictures of that, it might just be fish tales or it might be the 110 degree heat that had me passed out on the shore too hot to even consider taking pictures.

Bubba Bill really did catch the biggest cat fish I have ever seen.

We had fried cat fish for lunch.

Next? We broke out a small arsenal of guns... there might even be a video!

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