Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vienna Bread & Kaiser Rolls

My heart is still warm and bubbly from our Texas vacation.

As I grow closer with family, let people in and I search my soul hashing out my intent, suddenly my shoulders drop and I breathe easy. I know that everything will work out.

Everything works out in its own time.

As our future unfolds I feel increasingly certain and confident in the direction we are going. The path may be a bit rocky but I can tell you with a twinkle in my eye that we are going where the light shines and there are smiles on our faces. There are aspects that are out of our control, decisions that have been made and things that we must do. To balance that we have little obligation and wild imaginations. Our time in the desert dwindles to a few weeks. The boxes are filling and we are packing, freeing space, lightening the load. The next month will provide much needed change.

As we do what makes us happy, I hope with all my heart that you do the same.

This will probably be the last loaf of bread that I will ever cook in the Tri Cities area of Washington. What oven I will warm next is still a work in progress. Exciting to say the least.

We have been working our way through a huge batch on Vienna bread. Half of the dough was shaped into a perfect loaf that J has sliced and used to warm our bellies in the lazy weekend hours dusting a petite wedge with cinnamon and sugar and soft from a smear of butter. I just used two slices to slop up the dressing from the biggest salad bowl I could find to eat dinner out of.  The other half I shaped into four large rolls which you see. The recipe was August's Bread Baking Babes challenge. It was a great loaf in which I had not made before but will keep it in the back of my mind as a go to for a sturdy white loaf to break at a dinner party.

Check them out and bake for yourself and others:

Vienna Bread & Kaiser Rolls

I will be back in the next day to share another handful of fun photos from our time in Texas, this time we hit the streets of Austin.


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  1. What lovely rolls. And how clever to use some of the bread for salad!

    All the best for your upcoming adventure!

    (Please excuse if this is a duplicate comment)