Thursday, August 04, 2011

Phish 2011

I don't know what I'll do today, cause sanity never came my way

inside me a voice was repeating this phrase, you've lost it, you'll never get out of this maze

trapped in time, and I don't know what to do

take the highway through the great divide

'cause a week is a month and an hour a day, when your reaching just pushes it further away

you don't gotta tell me I don't gotta move, 'cuz I'm sittin' back here sharin' in the groove

a dream it's true. but I'd see it through. if I could be wasting my time with you

the world around me's turning, I'm just standing still. the time has come for changes, do something or i will.

I'm looking through. and it all would be so crystal clear, if it wasn't for the foam

I stumble into view, but it isn't nearly fast enough for you

I just want access to the inside of your heart

there ain't no truth in action, 'less you believe it anyway

the trick was to surrender to the flow

sanity never came my way

Driving into the desert with hoards of linen and tie dye to partake in the cult like phenomenon that is Phish.


I am in it for the.....

ear candy

the insanely good people watching

the friends that gather whenever Phish tours the west coast

mainly just the friends

but maybe it is the shameless excuse to dance like a mad woman barefoot in the grass


late night glowstick madness


visual over-stimulation from every angle might draw me back

but most of all just a general good time that only happens once a year.

See you soon Phriends!

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