Monday, June 16, 2008

Bellingham Business Tidbits

Oh what a pitty...
We missed the Deming Log Show yet another year. I am going to make a point of taking John for a day sometime. I have so many memories of running around the grounds as a girl. It really is just a fun and unusual thing to do. It also is a bit of history. This area was established in part by the logging industry, it is crucial to understand this in order to understand our history/identity/culture of the Pacific Northwest.

I have gleaned a couple of interesting tidbits from the Bellingham Harald over the weekend. The first is of no surprise to me. Through my early years of college I think my friends and I kept House of Orient in business. This was when they were in their former location, a bit further down Holly Street. For some reason, Jimmy, opening a spa is of no surprise. He is a beautiful man, tight jeans, even tighter shirts (is that possible?), sparkling rings, and designer shoes...Perfect....

"Jimmy’s Personal Care is expected to be open in the first week of July at 1327 11Th St. in Fairhaven. Owner Jimmy Nguyen said the spa will offer a variety of services, including pedicures, manicures and facials. Nguyen ran House of Orient for 12 years before selling it last year. “I wanted to do something different that still involved serving people, and this is it,” Nguyen said. “I can’t thank all the people who’ve supported me for 12 years at the restaurant, so I hope they can come here to relax.” … "

This doesn't even need an explanation. I am so so so excited to have yet another restaurant in Bellingham. The selection these days is pretty slim. Boundary Bay needs some competition. They need their bubble bursted. BB clean your kitchen, loose the lame waitstaff, take some time with your food in preparation....The list goes on. BB get over yourself because you might have a decent brewery in town. I can't wait to check out what they have to offer.

Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen is now aiming to be open soon after the Fourth of July, but Mari and Will Kemper are enjoying this stage of the process: Brewing and testing the beer.
The Kempers had hoped to be open at 601 W. Holly St. in May, but have been slowed by various obstacles that typically pop up when remodeling a building.
They are now at the point where they are brewing the beer to make sure the equipment is in working order.
“It’s going pretty well right now, although we know people are anxious for us to get open,” said Mari Kemper, one of the founders of Thomas Kemper Beers and Sodas. “We have a lot of people peeking through the windows, watching what we’re doing.”
Kemper said they plan to start opening just portions of the brewery and restaurant at first, until they have the work flow correct, so they can prevent people from waiting too long for food or beer.
“We want to make sure we have the proper staffing and setup, because first impressions will be important,” Kemper said. "

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