Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Getting the point across

Here is a mouthful I found in the editorial section of this week's Cascadia Weekly...
I just found it really provocative.

I don’t have any sympathy for
all you fast food eatin’, SUV drivin’,
Costco shoppin’, sprawl lovin’
folks complaining about “high” gas
prices. You haven’t seen anything
yet, you AM radio lovin’, Starbucks
drinkin’, debt-and-waistband heavy
Americans. The very lifestyle you
hold so red white and blue is based
fundamentally on black. Crude? Yes,
I am; but I’m talking about oil. Your
food, clothes, trips to grandma in
the Midwest, silky panties, vitamin
supplements: All consumer products
are linked some way to black gold.
Good luck! Maybe it’s time to burn
off that high fructose, partially hydrogenated
belly and get your ass
on a bike.
We are entering a crucial time
in which our personal hypocrisies
must be fundamentally and intently
broken down.
—Greg Craigers, via email

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