Friday, June 20, 2008

Weekend Warrios for the time being

Friday, finally.
Last night John and I went to Skylark's for a little taste of happy hour and some dinner.

My ball and chain.
I feel so blessed to have a job. I have a pretty decent job. It has been an adjustment for me though. I also have to wait 6 months until I can take any leave. Bad timing, it is now summer. I know it could be worse. So I have been dreaming about the vacations that I want to take when the time allows. Last night over dinner John and I thought about an extended stay in Squamish. This topic has came up many times over the years. Now with the situation as it is now, we will probably follow through. It would be nearly perfect in so many ways. Three weeks in Squamish, rest days could be at home, and Squamish, the place is endless. It is going to happen. It is either Squamish or the Valley. Going anywhere but Squamish or the occasional trip to Index, we would loose so much time to travel and money to the same factor. So, when I have some time off, that is what is going down.

In the time being this weekend is up in the air. I really want to get out for the weekend but the weather is questionable. I think that I am going to get my mt. bike running and get my toosh on some trails. Sunday might be a quick trip to Squamish or Index....Weather permitting.

Now, Annie make some divine green tea pound cake and I have a meeting on public speaking to endure.

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