Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Home Improvement

Last night was part two in John and my week of "getting the house done so we can play and sit on our butts." It felt good let me tell you. Slowly the monkey is adjusting on our backs, slowly ready to make its move. Not so fast I guess.

Curb appeal 101
We started with the outside. Who knew what a little white paint could do. The entry way and trim on the front side of the house is all spiffed up. Looks sharp I must say. There are still some more touches that need to be done. Worlds of improvement though.

Kitchen remodel 301
We are on the home stretch with the kitchen. Actually, shall I say when we get home tonight we will know if we are close to being done. The water is hooked up to the fridge, sink is not leaking anymore...the counter tops are the lone remaining project. Last night John jumped in, tearing the sink out, he laid the Formica, cutting with laser accuracy and glued it down to the big sheet down over the existing couter top. Oops... well now come to think of it, we thought that it might be best that we scored the previous couter top to give the glue more adhesion. Oh how I hope it worked...

Enough work for the time being.... The beach is in order tonight! Have you seen the weather outside!

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