Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday Nights

We have been bouldering here in town a couple nights a week for a while now. It has been very educational, great training, and an even better excuse to be outside for a couple of hours every night. Our time has been split between the beach at Larabee and Sehome Hill. I have struggled to enjoy Sehome, I think because it has been so cold and the place is north facing as well as being nestled in the woods. I struggle with motivation in those conditions. I was also battled getting used to climbing in the beginning of the season, that feeling of lack of power and gumption. Well, last night it clicked. The fact that I have been climbing a lot more helps and the weather has gotten better also adds to the situation. John, Rafe and Brandon were there to spot for the traverse up high as well as add very helpful moves. These guys are awesome. It is so nice to climb with a group of gents that are so attentive and encouraging. Brenna, Az, and I have made plans to boulder every Tuesday. We have met a couple times now and it has been so productive. They are really supportive and encouraging. It doesn't hurt that we are also all a bit competitive. Last night was a great session. I got further than I have on two problems on the hill. I am just a couple moves away from sending them. I don't know if will happen today because my finger tips are a bit tender just banging on my key board.

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