Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rain, coffee and booze... Welcome to the PNW

August..... Really?
The first couple of days when the came in the middle of August, I was relieved. My plants would get the good soaking that they needed. they grass wouldn't look like a tinder box. Now though, as I look into the forecast for next week and it is chocked full of more rain, I must ask why? Seattle broke the daily record yesterday for rain on August 20th, with 0.70" and crushing the old record of 0.11". Some spots in the mountains had several inches.
August.... Really?
I am just not ready to take it to the gym yet.
I am once again reminded why coffee is so popular in the Northwest and why there are so many breweries around. I have been trying to cut back on these two substances. Ha! Good luck with weather like this. The first thing I did when I got to work was pour a wonderful cup of coffee in which I accompanied by a frosted brownie. Chili for dinner...
Rain..... Rain..... go away......
Welcome to the PNW!
Sure, it is going to be beautiful and green when the sun comes out!

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