Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Stiles are coming! The Stiles are coming!

And they are here!
What a treat. I came home yesterday to a house full of family! Bill and Betsy arrived safe and sound. I have been looking forward to their visit for some time now. They are both healthy and happy and in great spirits. Betsy looks wonderful and has the spunk to match it. She brought with her all kinds of fun gadgets. Last night we did Qi Gong together followed by a neck decompression (??). Qi Gong was new to me and I loved it and plan on doing it again tonight. Tonight we are headed to Dirty Dan's for dinner, then probably a stroll through Fairhaven. Tomorrow Betsy and I have massage appointments at a spa! What a treat! It is great to share our house with them, and have them stay for a couple of days. They are go-getters so I am trying to think of as many fun things as possible.

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