Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The secret is out.... Run shut the gate...

"National Geographic: Bellingham one of the best places to live and play"

The Northwest has been popping up the news the couple of decades for being a desirable place to live if you are an outdoor enthusiast and a fan of small towns. The magazine, " National Geographic Adventure " just added Bellingham, Seattle, and Leavenworth to the list of the 50 most desirable places to live in their August 11 edition. I take this with a grain of salt, being a native Bellinghamster. The city is "the city of subdued excitement." The name says it all. Bellingham is going to grow, we can't shut the doors, but I feel that Bellingham will never support a bustling city. Right under this article in the Bellingham Herald was yet another headline about the highest unemployment rate in the last three years. The housing market here is for the birds, but of course this place is desirable in the summer. If anyone visited here in the past few weeks, they would be contacting one of the millions of relaters in the county, packing the U-Haul and on their way, but wait until February and ask how they feel then... once the lack of vitamin D sets in and it is dark for all but three hours of the day. Don't come rush to Bellingham without a pocket full of cash, and oh yeah, don't expect the doors to shut behind you either.

Eat it up...

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  1. Maybe this means that we'll get more building permits! PDS will be saved! YAY!

    Seriously folks. Stop coming here and checking it out. We already have all the people we need ... and some people we don't need.



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