Monday, August 11, 2008

Two new favorites...

I have discovered two of my new favorite spots here in Whatcom County.

On Friday, like most Fridays, John and I get together with the Bryan and Jess and find some dinner and drinks to occupy our evening. This week we opted for the "classy" Grand Ave. Ale House in all of its' glory. The place has really cleaned up in the past few years; that is right, no more dollar bills on the ceiling, sticky floors, and dank atmosphere. We also lost what the former Grand was known for, really stiff cheap drinks, pool tables that my 'partner in crime' could finagle free games out of and my favorite part.....Foosball! Now, I am not scared to eat out of their kitchen, the atmosphere is not so scary, and the drinks don't make me quite so hung over the next day. The best part is the tab at the end of the night... I just don't feel so guilty.

Saturday was just as good, well even better. I woke up, rolled out of bed and fixed fresh blueberry pancakes. Oh, that was incredible. We piled into the car that morning and drove east on 542, taking us to "The Pump House." This little crag is nestled in the woods right off the highway past Glacier. The beauty of this place is that one can climb there in the pouring rain. Here we were Saturday morning, it was dumping rain and we were getting our fix. It was great! The temps were comfortable enough to be in t-shirts. I don't think that my vocabulary is rich enough to give this place justice. To give you an idea of the splendor this place has to offer... we were tuck up in the forest, surrounded by trees on all side, a large rock face dominated our presence, the mist across the forest and in the reaches of the valley created a sense of calmness. I love The Pump House, oh and did I mention the climbing is beefy, and I rediscovered my love of sport climbing.

Sunday was a treat as well, John got up and made another batch of blueberry pancakes (bless his heart), I completely avoided the work that is starting to pile up and hit Clayton beach with Natasha. She was so excited to be able to roll in all the dead crab she could find and then, while my back was turned try to devour them as well. The sun came out later in the afternoon, making the beach the perfect place to be. After I got a good pump on and satisfied my itch, I put on my running shoes and did a mini tour of the Chuckanuts. This turned out to be a bit longer than I had anticipated, but I was overcome by the beauty of the forest and followed my nose. It was a pleasure! Yeah I love this as well.

We also took in a couple movies over the weekend that I want to recommend. "Trailer Park Boys" is a great laugh. CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE!!!

"The Kite Runner" was a splendid story. Tear jerker...

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