Thursday, August 07, 2008

Summer time and the living is easy...

It looks as if summer has finally made its presence be known here in the lovely Pacific Northwest. And how sweet it is. My days seem to revolve around trying to take in as much of it as I can.

Our yard is looking splendid these days, bursting with color and teaming with life. The tomatoes took off, the squash are flowering, and the green beans are starting to wander up their support. We cooked up some chard, collards, and kale for dinner the other night. I harvested a grocery bag of basil last night from Dad's garden. It is no secret that he has a green thumb.

I have been getting my running legs back under me, it feels good. I took a well need break, now I am refreshed, renewed, motivated and eager to run trail. I am going to ease back into it, taking each day at a time, not letting it take up to much time. I might try and take on a challenge in a couple weeks and try to run a big loop in the mountains or something of the sort. I forgot how much I really enjoy running, there are times when I can find my rhythm in running.

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