Thursday, October 30, 2008


Have you sent in your ballot yet??

The clock is ticking.... My how time flies, it is almost election day!

There is just change in the air.

Big news for Bill who just turned 60 years young on Sunday! Happy late birthday!

The weather in the Northwest has been incredible the past week. The days have been crisp and clear. The days have been blue bird, the leaves are as golden as possible. It hasn't rained in days so the leaves are still light and fluffy, blowing around in the breeze. I feel like I am in a great big oil painting, swooshing around in the tree litter. I was rolling around on my bike yesterday, I would travel under trees, a gust of wind would come up and leaves would be swirling all around me. Incredible! The perfect time of year! The clouds have rolled in today and I feel the we are in for a change.

Change is good.

I have been really trying to become more rounded and reach out. I often spend too much time on my own, leaving my love ones out of my life. I am changing. I had Grandma and Audra over for dinner on Tuesday. Audra is just a peach. She is taking water color lessons from Jody Bergsma, what an experience at such a young age! She has been working on a Christmas card for some time now. Well, she finally finished it and has them printed. I bought some from her, now I have our Christmas cads, how special is that!

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A step towards changing myself...

With the change of seassons, I need new hobbies. THere just is not enough day light. After having Audra over, I was inspired to get my art back out. I figure if I have to look at it everyday, soon I will just pick it up and the next thing I will know, I am back to drawing.

Changing my hobbies...

Over the last two days I have managed to get back on my road bike and commute. It feels so good to be self sufficient in my transportation. I got pretty spoiled for those couple of weeks. I started to dress up for work, sleep in a bit longer, shop after work..... So, in these colder months, I will cut back on the biking and drive a bit more. I would really love to carpool or take the bus instead of driving. Driving the van 20 + miles a day does not sit well with me.

Changing habits.....

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