Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Comfortably Numb in Whistler

Sunday John and I blasted to Whistler BC, and rode Comfortably Numb. It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky with perfect temperatures. The head trail is a little over 7 miles from the Whistler main parking lot which provides a good warm up for the main event (you will need to warm up... the trail is beefy!!). The trail is about 17 miles long and climbs 1500 feet. The trail is all single track and very technical. Most of the time we were rolling through the beautiful Forrest over loamy ground. It looked beautiful and provided me with a soft landing when I flew off my bike numerous times, but it was like riding through mud. Roots, rocks, steepness, views, cute signs saying that you were half way done, and ladder bridges, you name it, the trail had it. This trail has it all and is a blast. It takes longer than one would imagine because there are not many sustained descents and there numerous times that it is necessary to get off and push.
The icing on the cake was meeting Dale and Jen at the brewery in Whistler. They had taken a long weekend in Whistler and Dale was able to ride the lifts he last weekend of operation for the year.

"It is the best trail you have never ridden" John

"The longest and most physically challenging singletrack ride in the Whistler valley. Envisioned, designed and built by Chris Markle (a Whistler trailbuilding legend), Comfortably Numb is a must-do ride for technically advanced cyclists. Long climbs, challenging rock faces, elevated bridges and spectacular views combine for a continually thrilling experience. The trail meanders in and out of old growth primeval Coastal Western Hemlock ecosystems and granite rock gardens, finally plunging into the valley bottom at Lost Lake Park. By itself, the trail is worth the trip. Combined with whole Whistler scene - incredible trail experiences for every rider - it's the perfect icing on the best cake to feed your riding appetite. "

courtesy of IMBA

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