Sunday, October 26, 2008

Two Weeks Today

Well, it has been two weeks since we rode Comfortable Numb and I injured my knee. No biggie, just like they said, it would take about two weeks for the swelling to go down. Right on, it has been about two weeks and the swelling has reduced greatly. I am getting around great and I am so fortunate that it was not any worse of an injury. I have healed fast. I have put my bike on the trainer and been able to spin my legs out, keeping some range of motion in my knee. Now I feel that I can push a bit harder with little pain or discomfort. I think that I am going to limit my activities to this for another week. I don't feel comfortable in coming down om my left leg, I just don't think that the strength is in my knee yet. The only time that my knee bothers me is when I get up from a chair. There is some strain in my knee with this sort of pressure. I feel that this is a sign to stay off my mountain bike. There is no way I could climb, or bail off if I needed. Baby steps.

As for the rest of the family, we drove to Whistler yesterday and John pick up a new (used) bike. It needs some work, but I think John found a great deal. With a little work he is going to have a sweet ride. My turn next... I am daydreaming about having my own setup. I can't wait for next summer! Yeah!
A sweet bike if I must say so myself:

Whistler was beautiful! I wish we could live up there! All the leaves were in fall effect, the air was crisp and the mountains had a fresh dusting of snow.

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