Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rose Colored Glasses

I have had one of those great mornings. I woke up feeling clear and calm. The clarity and coolness has dissipated as my caffeine consumption increases, nevertheless, I woke up on the right side of the bed and to make things even better it is an incredible day outside!

Sometimes it hits me, for no good or explainable reason. Trying to explain what “it” is could warrant a Noble Prize. If I knew what “it” was it would be the one thing I would share with the world.

What I am getting to is that I am so happy with the life I have chosen. I love the people around me, my location, my career path, my potential, and my hobbies. I am grateful for my health and my abilities.

I had the conversation this morning about finding and following your bliss. There is no need to settle on something, find what you love and do it. Find a job that will fit your needs and allow for a healthy lifestyle. Find a job that is your passion or find a job that allows you to enjoy your passion in your free time.
**I completely understand that this is idealistic, but one must dream and set standards high.

The bottom line: beauty surrounds us all, just put your rose colored glasses on and look for it!
Have a great day!