Friday, October 24, 2008

With just one glance....

I often learn so much from Natasha. One of my favorite things about here is the way she looks at me. It is one of her many ways to communicate with me. She can look at me and melt my heart, tell me she has to go outside, or that she is so damn excited to see me.

It seems as if our eyes are the key hole to our soul. Eyes can express how we truly feel without say a single word.

I am trying to allow my eyes to release the tension and other silly arbitrary feelings and beam with compassion and love. I feel that those rose colored glasses have been replaced by something very different, I want to look through heart shape rose colored glasses.

Here is a great little blog that got me thinking:
Cheri Block Sabraw - Notes from Around the Block: The Importance of Eye Contact or Brown- Eyed Girl

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