Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bike to work and school day is here!

I have been getting increasingly involved in bicycle advocacy, specifically commuting, here in town and have once again fallen in love with biking as a form of transportation. There is such potential for our community here!

I have no problem getting on my bike and commuting nine miles into work, rain or shine. Getting on my bike and making the three mile trip downtown has been hard to get my mind around. With a little encouragement and this joyous weather, John and I have been making all most all of our trips downtown by bike. We make a point to hop on our bikes for these little trips, which makes the trip that much more fun. A couple of weeks ago we even got friends to meet us at our house and instead of piling into a car, we jumped on our bikes and pedaled downtown. The simple act of biking brings one so much closer to their surrounding environment, community, while creating a more active lifestyle. There are just so many benefit's to list!

May is National Bike Month and Friday May 15 is Bike to work and School day. Yours truly is going to sport my civic duty and volunteer at a celebration station right outside my office. Even more reason to get on your bike for the day! Check out the stations via the Bellingham Herald.

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