Friday, May 15, 2009

mama's day

I just had a wonderful lunch with my Grandma, and my cousins, Heather and Hillary and newest wee one, Asher. It was just lovely and reminded me how much my family means to me and how desperately I need to spend more time with them. My Grandma, bless her heart, has been the one person in my life that has consistently never given up on me, never stopped calling, always has an open ear, and is can cheer me up no matter what. I am sure that my brother and cousins can agree, she has done so much to make sure that we all keep in touch. She has done great things to keep us all close as we can be. For years she took care of us, summers would go by and we would spend days with her and our cousins. Heather and I can't help but giggle at the stories of our childhood and they are usually all set at Grandma's. We are so fortunate to have been raised by family and not in a random day care. No that Heather has a new one, I am sure that she the same strong influence of family around. Now I get to be a part of raising her little one, and we get to now be the ones to take care of Grandma (****A huge amount of love goes to Hillary for stepping up and showing so much compassion****)
For Mother's Day last weekend I went to my parent's new house and spent the night. What a treat! I could imagine that there is something restorative about waking up on the ocean everyday.
Walking on the beach every morning.....
I think that they are fairing just fine....
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