Thursday, May 28, 2009

Burning up the road

This week the odometer on my commuter (lovingly named 'Orangette') rolled past 3,000 miles! That is 3,000 miles not driven to work, dinner outings, breakfast adventures, cocktails, yoga, and the grocery store.
As the weather just burst into summer, more and more people are out on their bikes which makes riding even more enjoyable knowing that there are others out there commuting on a daily basis. I have the regulars that I see everyday, we wave, some I have even got to know on a first name basis. These experiences never would have occurred in a car (unless we got in a wreck and I had to get out and talk to them...). Yesterday was icing on the cake, as I took my normal route home, I weave through as many residential streets, and trails that keep me out of as much traffic as humanly possible, I ended up at one of my least favorite parts of me commute (the intersection of Orleans and Illinois) with four other commuters. For the first time, during the peak flow hour (5pm) traffic stopped in both directions and let us mass though the intersection. The power of numbers!

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