Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The High Country Hoodlums strike again!

Another long weekend, fulled with friends, fun, good food (thanks Jess and Zoe), and sunshine. We filled the weekend to the brim of goodness which renews everyone's zest for life.
"High Country Hoodlums" rocked Ski to Sea this year finishing 35 overall. Even though I have been sitting this event out, it is great to be part the weekend. I have made some great friends in the process, been inspired, learned some great lessons, and have a deeper respect for these absolutely naturally talented people. It is really a quality group to be around and I hope that I am always this blessed to be in the company of such great people. I look forward to many more years of this tradition, however it evolves, like it has.
Here is a toast to Ryan, whose presence will never be equaled or forgotten.

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