Sunday, March 29, 2009

A taste of freedom

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We introduced the little ladies to the vast wilderness of our "front" yard. As soon as they discovered the treats in the soil they picked at the dirt for hours. I tried to work in the garden but was too entertained by their curiosity of the soil. John came home and did the honors of introducing Natasha. He Got her on a leash and she was inched in to them. Sniff. sniff. grunt. grunt. Next thing we know there are birds going ape shit and Natasha has one in her mouth. John got it out before we had a limp chick. Natasha got a taste of dirt and John's wrath. All is well.
Speaking of Natasha, John was telling me about the first time that she saw cows at the Stiles Ranch. I guess she took off and chased them with all her might. The next thing they knew there were cattle tangled up in barb wire and Natasha looking innocent. Oh Natasha!

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