Saturday, March 28, 2009

The view from the living room

The weekend is here... ***AAAHHHHHHH****Sigh****
Some weeks it takes an act of great will to get through the week. This was one of those weeks.
I had a couple code amendments that I presented to Planning Commission on Thursday (mind you a room full of men... all men commissioners and audience, I think it was myself and Becky). I left questioning what the heck I was doing at my job, little, anxious, and glad that I had to pedal home 9 miles to get all this nasty experience out of my system.
I came home to flowers. Oh, did I mention I came home to daffodils...
My appetite finally backed off from the post race recovery. My legs are well, my endurance is there. I got a massage Monday. I went in with sore legs and the next day they were loose and limber. I am going to make a habit of getting massages after any big effort. I felt so much better. I managed not to run all week as well, I think I am recovered now!
Heather and Darrin had their first baby boy. They are the first ones of "my generation" to have a baby. I am so excited for them. I am going to go see him today for the first time! Yeah! What a joyous feeling they must have right now. I can hardly imagine. I wish them only the best.
Friday was a good day. I planted what I could in my garden. Peas, early beets, onions, leeks, and parsley. I have learned from John to not create too much work for myself, I can't help but plant a garden. There is something I love about it. It will take a lot of work, I will have to compromise the valuable time I have, but well worth it. It is going to be the best garden yet.
Saturday..... it is early in the morning still. I want to go ride my bike with John so bad. It is grey and looks like the skies are going to open at any second. The view from the living room is nice. It is going to be hard to get out. Oh the Northwest weather. After 25 years, I would like to just have some sun. I need some blue sky... today!
Happy weekend everyone!

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