Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What we work for

Everyone has a reason why they get up and go to work almost everyday. What is it that has most of us on such a ball and chain that we spend a considerable amount of our life with people often other than our close loved ones and twiddle away the hours working. It is what it is. Most of us are in a situation that we must work full time jobs. What is the pay off? Will there ever be a light at the end of the tunnel? These are serious questions that we must ask ourselves before giving up all of our precious time in a job.

I think that my parents have found the light at the end of their tunnel. All their penny pinching has paid off. The years of hard work, my mom's endless scheming has came to fruition (well, technically in a matter of days, once all the paperwork is free and clear). I can see the happiness in her eyes, in her step and the way in which she carries herself. She did it, she found something that meant enough to her that she was willing to work to have this house on the beach. It brings me some ease to hear this come from her or anyone for that matter. To find something that you love enough to go ahead and sacrifice in order to obtain it.
It goes through my mind constantly, what are we doing this for? Why aren't we out there climbing, eating pb&j, living the life. Right now, we have a fleet of bikes, eat out, have a house and life is comfortable. This is working for.

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