Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A bit of a suprise!

Way back when Facebook was new and exciting I filled out one of the chain letter deals and wrote 25 things about me. It was actually a really fun thing (who really doensn't like to talk about themselves... really be truthful!). I read several friends 25 things and was rather intrigued by all the people in my life. So the other day J. sent me a little note during the day, he reminded me that he had also came up with his own 25 (oh wait, of course it is 26) random facts. What a surprise, it was enough to bring tears to my eyes and remind me why I LOVE this man so much!

Here is a glimpse into J.'s lovely little world.

1. I love solutions. They have a way of eliminating problems.
2. I am quite calculated and typically judge the situation dispassionately.

3. I love my wife Michelle and her unyielding patience for me…(see above)

4. Nothing makes me happier than going fast, period. Bikes, Skis, Shopping Carts, whatever.

5. My dog Natasha has impressed me more over the last 11 years than any of god’s creatures that I have ever come in contact with. I’d take another one just like her!

6. I don’t believe in fear, but certainly calculate risk.

7. I have a wonderful family. Immediate, extended and in-law. I am truly blessed and continue to learn from them all.

8. My idol would still have to be my dad. Stoic, poised, and surefooted in all endeavors.

9. I thrive on commitment. Whether soloing on rock or rolling into steep technical terrain on a bike, when failure is not an option you bring the A-Game goods. And that my friends, is what it is all about.

10. I love coffee and red wine. Because what goes up, must come down.

11. “I am a part of all that I have met” Tennyson, and I have been unbelievably fortunate in the people, places and moments that I have “met”.

12. Chicken and Dumplins’ are the shit! (that is a good thing)

13. I am grateful to have a beautifully creative wife. Because to second my friend Dale, I too have no use for art.

14. I absolutely believe in form following function. See above and see my car.

15. Duct tape is amazing.

16. I am confident that I can fix anything that moves or shakes, and if it isn’t broken I can make it work better. It is just in the blood. You should meet my Papa Ralph!

17. My sister Corrie is the Yin to my Yang and I think that is pretty cool. She is so full of ideas and creativity. She has an intuition for the subtly beautiful. I just want to know what it does.

18. I love taco trucks.

19. I am most definitely a morning person.

20. I can’t live without music.

21. I love chocolate, thanks Mom…

22. I rely on my friends for inspiration, energy and motivation as they rely on me for the same. Everyone can’t bring it all the time, but certainly someone can.

23. There is nothing quite like clean polished white granite. Can I get an Amen?

24. You’ll never get all those ducks in a row, so stop tryin’. Have faith that they will fall into place individually at that critical time.

25. I have battled depression my whole life. Enjoy all things in moderation, even happiness. It takes a little bit of darkness to balance an individual, don’t fret. The sun will continue to rise. “Strikes and Gutters”, the Dude.

26. ”I love lamp”, Brick Tomlin. That’s right 26. Bucking the system since 1978.

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