Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Keeping my cool

J. has a way of keeping increadibly cool in most situations. He has an uncanny ability to resist reacting to most circumstances and situations. He tries to instill the same behavior in me. It works, sometimes.... I would like to imagine that this time in limbo be a time of relaxation, a time to rekindle old hobbies... reconnect with friends. I have been mildly successful. I did make four differnt kinds of cookies last night in preperation for the holiday season, I have planned and primped for a wild party this weekend.... I am trying... but some times pitty gets the best of me. I am human after all.....
The reason I am putting all this dirty laundry in the street is to share some worrds of wisdom that J. often imparts. **Side note: Someday I am going to create a book of these "wisdoms" it has me on the floor laughing often** One of my favorite sayings of his has been around for awhile, but he reminds me not to take myself too seriously. Really? So simple!?! This is usually all I need to get me down off the (imaginary) railing and back to reality.  
Today's goal, yep, just be graceful throughout the day, this does not include being too serious and dramatic about some silly little injury that is about to heal.

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