Monday, December 28, 2009

Week Two

Today marks 14 days post surgery. I am back at the office, free from the wrath of pain killers, and have ever increasing mobility. A blessing all around. My knee now bends from zero to 80 degrees. Progress! I still lack some nerve activity but that will come with time.
All things considered I am coming right along. I do have bad days, we all do. There are a few things that pull me through. I know there are people that deal with this sort of day in and day out. I will be free from mine in about a year. There are so many things in my life to look forward to including the thought of walking again, riding a bike, yoga, a new moutain bike, and a fresh road bike to strengthen the non exsistant quadricept. It will come, mobility, freedom and strength, it just takes time. Right now I can hear the the minute hand ticking off in space... It is like a day at the office that will never end, but it will and unlike the office, everyday gets better. I know I will heal. I am able to get back into some light yoga, light strength training and can move about the house rather well.
Here is some age old advice for general well being:

1) Get enough sleep

2) Eat the right food

3) Exercise

4) Reduce Stress

5) Spend time with loved ones.

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