Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ideal job #3

Okay, in a perfect little Bellingham, doing a perfect little job..... I would be a professional athlete. That is broad I know, since one criteria is that I have to be able to do this job here in Bellingham I narrowed it down, and it wasn't hard at all....
I would be a professional trail runner.
Trail running is about the only sport or hobby that I feel as if I could compete in. I wouldn't settle for just any kind of competitive running, I would never be a marathon runner (my knees would obviously not take that kind of output) but I could race shorter distances, such as half marathons, if I really needed to. It is all in the training. To trail run, east and west of the Cascades, in BC, all over the northwest for that matter, and would that be a dream job. I have the determination and drive that I could run several 50 km races a year (well at least I used to have the drive), or I could run several shorter races, I could be happy training to run (and getting paid for it).... in a perfect world.

Here is the closest I have ever been to being competitive. 2nd place (women) in the North Face Endurance Challenge (2007)

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