Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Ideal Job #2

Following the lines of a career that entails doing whatever I want (a limit is that the job is still located here in Bellingham) and making a little cash, I think I have came up with a second job that I would love to do.
I would love to be an artist. I would love to spend the days in a cozy little corner studio, a studio that is all windows, creating whatever my heart desires.
As I let my imagination take the best of me and this post... the studio would have to have a kitchen, I would want to bake all kinds of tasty and beautiful treats, take all kinds of pictures and then write about it and then create a cookbook/internet site to share everything with all walks of life all over the world. Then there would be a sewing station, a huge bookshelf so I could collect magizines and books, then all the supplies to draw, paint, glue, cut and create. There would be a big comfy couch so people would come visit me... and so Natasha and Sophee have a place to hang out. There would be a wonderful esspresso machine in another corner to fuel the experiance (this would also ensure timly visits from J.)
In a perfect world...... this is what I would do....

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