Tuesday, December 29, 2009


A light bulb just went off. I have a goal and it is exciting!

I have been drooling over road bikes in order to get me over the hump and it has worked so far. I am extreamly stoked to get on a fresh mountain bike in the summer but I understand that it is going to take a while to feel solid bombing down trails, plowing through puddles and dodging trees. A road bike will bring strength and endurance back to my legs while being low impact and stable.  I have my eyes on this one so far. I am slowly starting to get excited for long rides through the county, to Birch Bay and down into Skagit County.

My goal for 2010.... THE MOUNT BAKER HILL CLIMB!
I have tossed around the idea from year to year but never had the drive to actually commit to it. Here I am, lacking the base fitness found by running, I am going to swing my leg over the bike and learn to pedal harder and faster than I can imagine right now.

Until then, I am basking in the free time I have until I my time comes, dreaming of long walks, bike rides and a healthy body.

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