Thursday, December 09, 2010


I have officially hit my holiday wall. Just in time - or not - I have a few more nights this weekend of holiday cheer. Please no more sugar! Nothing sweet. NOTHING! While I am asking for the world, No more snow and especially no more ice. Keep that stuff in the mountains. I will go visit!

With all the nasty weather I managed to get gift packages made and in the mail in a relatively timely manner.

Christmas cards addressed - I need a label maker..... not fun.

This little recipe can help make any boring house task a bite more exciting!

Don't say I never gave you anything - that is a treat!

Well I must not to forget my favorite little (BIG) blog these days. The recipe I just mentioned is one of many of hers. This lady, Ree, is witty, sassy and cooks up a storm while taking great pictures an writing that keeps the eyes peeled. Please check out Pioneer Woman. This keeps me distracted several hours a week.

Official work holiday party... over. We were definitely there and taxed the open bar and dance and then danced some more to the worst DJ ever then danced unit it was over. Big check off the list. Yeah I won't go into details but John in a suit and me it a great little holiday dress, we had a great time.

Food poisoning... or the flu. Whatever you want to call it, we got it. We paid our dues and may that not strike any of you. It was a great opportunity to take the sugar and other nasties out of my body and try to feel a bit more healthy in the coming weeks. 

I Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend filled with just exactly what you want to be doing. J will be skiing, I will be crafting, rewatching Mad Men, decorating the house ever so modestly, hiking with Natasha and playing with my new camera. I should have lots to share!

Take care! 

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