Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift we can ever poses is health. It is something that most all of use are capable of to differing degrees.

Health is a our greatest wealth.

No Joke.

It is impossible to fully enjoy life and all the little pleasures when our bodies feel sub par.

You know what you need to do in order to feel good.

DO IT! It is worth it, the pain, time and effort. It may be hard to muster at times but I promise in the long run you will be thanking yourself.

I often need inspiration to get my body moving. Sometimes It is as simple as a burning desire to feel good, other days tell myself that my jeans will be so much more comfortable if I do go to the gym for even 30 minutes, I can think clearer after I get my blood flowing or we just go play on our bikes or walk the dog.

Each time it gets easier and with consistency it has become my every day routine. I feel great because I work at it. I do it for myself and NO ONE else. Actually I also do it for the people around me because I am a much more complete woman when I excersise.

You get the point I will get off my soap box.

I was just getting a little concerned I just posted a recipe for parmesean cream crackers. They are great, they are made with cream and cheese, what is not to like..... I am making them again today....

I just want to express my fondness for everyone, so please especially this time of year strike some balance as best as possible. Go for walks as families. Walk and look at the Christmas lights instead of driving. Walk to the corner store to get another pint of eggnog or bottle of wine (whatever your vice may be) instead of driving. Walk the dog one extra time a day (they will love you even more!). My favorite these days is to turn up the music and dance while I make cookies. It seems silly but makes me happy!


  1. Without physical health, your travels may be difficult.
    WIthout mental health, you may forget where you're going.
    But without love, you'll travel alone.

  2. Hopefully our travels will cross paths again soon.