Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Heart Breaker

So I woke up this morning - yep believe it or not. I did it.

That was a high point during the day.

Right up until I sliced through a handful of those sweet Meyer lemons that are almost disappearing from the season.

Then added tequila - of course. who would consume lemons without booze or sugar?
 Com'mon now.

I think the sole reason I got out of bed, besides the fact that our bed is all worn out and is impossible to just to be lazy, is that there was (was) a jar of peanut butter that was just calling my name. I really need to clean the cupboards. Ya'know, be productive. What better way to clean out the wounded soldiers (J pronounces them: souljas) by polishing off numerous jars of peanut better. Before 7am. It is weird. That is just me, having on of those peanut butter days.

Instead of doing the sensible thing, like getting some exercise or at least vicariously through the wonder dog running through the desert, I went shopping.

I need new dishes. NEEEEEDDDDDDD........must have new dishes............want new dishes.....

The week after Christmas deals seem to be floating around. So I pulled up my trousers and went to THE MALL. As it turns out, kids are on winter break and parents are freaking out.  Seriously. Look around you. Craziness.

The desert, people go crazy here.

I left with a clearance Godiva chocolate bar clutched in my hand. I needed comfort as soon as I reached the serenity of my car. Nibble, nibble. That is me, eating in the car that is sitting in the mall parking lot.

No plates. Chocolate will do. Because the peanut butter got me started. It was all the peanut butter's fault or the cupboards for being too small.

Back to the dishes (important things), want to trade? I am looking for eclectic pieces, mismatched but pretty. I am easy to please. White, old china that someone has tucked away in their cupboard. I am not afraid to use it. I have some pretty brown swirly plates by TAG. You can have them.

Peanut butter, shopping, chocolate.... this girl is going to make a fancy cocktail to celebrate a day of indulgence. 

I have to start what I finish. I learned that in the new True Grit movie. I am just that way. I loved the movie.

My J loves westerns and I love him.

My husband loves me. He buys nice tequila.

  I buy Meyer lemons.

Who has hot red nails...

 All sorts of nice tequila.

We make cocktails and get all chatty.

I love it.  

The Heart Breaker

I name this sweet puckery boozy drink the heart breaker because when you take a sip, you wish it was summer on a beach but really you are trying to keep warm in a small apartment in the desert during cold winter months.
That my friend is a heart breaker.

1 part tequila
1 part Meyer lemon juice
1 part orange liqueur

mix - go to your happy place.



  1. Michelle, your photos keep getting better and better. I know you got a new camera, but it's your eye that is really making these shots!

  2. Thank you Steve.

    And thank you even more for following along!

    Have a great new year!

  3. Michelle...these look delish! Also, just wanted to let you know I am loving your blog and your photos are looking super duper excellent. If it wasn't still regretting how much champagne I drank on New Years, I would be running to the liquor store for some Patron and lemons. Soon...


  4. Now, THAT's where it is. The place where troubles melt like lemon drops. You found it! Spot on. Those lemons are soooooo beautiful! I just got a few new dishes from a Pier 1 after Christmas sale with mom. She hooked it UP! We bought a few dreamy glass amber round plates and bowls and mixed them with a few square plate that had handpainted LEMONS on them! I will have to send a picture soon. Now, not only will I think of my Mama everytime I eat, I will also think of you. : ) I can't wait to see True Grit... Still totally hooked on Big Lebowski. Hugs Around Your Neck! CBS