Tuesday, December 07, 2010

'Tis the Season - Oreos for Santa

What makes you happy?

Oreo Cookies? I hope so!

I am talking about something that you can do, experience, observe that can capture your complete attention. Nothing else matters, besides what you are doing at that exact time.

In Bellingham, it started out that I could run for hours, hours and hours. I. loved. it. I could do it. It happened.  I got injured, I re focused. My sweets built me the best ride in town. It is hot. It is a mountain bike extraordinaire. I could ride that thing like there was no tomorrow on Galbraith. I miss it. I miss my great ridding partner who also has a dreamy bike, who pushed me out of my riding comfort zone but knew I would walk my bike around silly little roots. Yep. Miss.

Today I found myself, again, consumed by projects in the kitchen. I love it, I love baking. Not as much as being in the trees, mountains and trails but I can stay very focused and engaged in the kitchen.

It makes me happy.

This is part two of the gift baskets. Homemade baskets that is...

First salted butter carmels 

now oreo cookies....

wait..... there is more to come!

Cute little cookies makes me very happy.

New cameras also make me a very happy little blogger! Enjoy!

This makes J happy, well not the waxing skies on the dinning room table in a cramped apartment but..... he finally went skiing....  that also makes me happy.

He makes me happy.

But the cookies. They will make you smile. Just try it.

I dare you!

Once again - dance on over to Smitten Kitchen. She is the shit. Really. She makes me happy too! I want to eat almost everything she makes.

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