Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Consider it play

I have made a resolution not make New Year's resolutions. It was a little odd at first, for years I have made big strides to change numerous aspects of my life. I mean who doesn't want a new better self, a fresh start, and a few lofty pie in the sky targets?

 I need goals. We all need objectives. I do not need more guilt and neither do you.

We do not need more remorse in our lives. Big, unattainable resolutions most likely will set you up for disaster and yet another round of regret. No one needs more guilt in their lives. The stuff -shame- simply is not healthy. We want to be healthy and happy!

Small steps, little changes, habit forming hobbies that are easy to integrate into our daily lives make us healthier and happier people will be sustainable over the long term. Baby steps will keep that pesky voice coming from your shoulder riddling you with guilt because you did not wake up and completely change your life.

In order for a healthy habit to form it must be some what pleasurable, integrate a task that we already do or even better a little of both. Find things that you enjoy doing. I love going to the neighborhood park to take pictures. Instead of driving there I walk. By design, I live close to my gym so I will either walk there or ride my bike, by the time I get there I am warmed up and ready to get to work. We all travel to places near and far, the destinations that are within three miles are easily walkable where as in the vicinity of five miles bikes are extremely efficient.

Getting outside my car by walking or riding my bike more is what my goal this year. I live in town so it is easier, if you live in a less accessible area try walking to get the paper at the end of the driveway once you park the car. My husband has a really busy work week that leaves virtually no time for exercise. A couple days a week he makes the time to walk to the car pool lot which is a mile away. His walk in the morning and evening is a trip that he already makes but by walking is able to squeeze a little bit more out of the trip that in a car. It may seem really small but the twenty minutes here and there all add up. Small attainable changes lead to healthy life long habits.

Go ahead make a few resolutions but save yourself the pain, make them goals you can and will attain. Shape the goals to fit your life and not you to fit the goals.

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