Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The missing link

OK guys and gals, I have been wandering around the house since the day we returned from our Christmas trip. You can see the wear in the carpet and the cat is dizzy from all the commotion. No, I am not going through withdrawals from my family, I am not starving because I think I ate enough to feed a small army, or on a sugar bender from the cookies.

I am lost because my laptop charger decided to stay on vacation. I don't blame the wee little power source for the all knowing, powerful and pretty laptop.* It decided to stay at the beach eating smoked turkey and prime rib while hanging out with my pops. The thing better go on a beach walk while it is vacationing, because I am a little lonely here in the desert.

I figured we all needed a bit of color besides red and green. The beach house in the summer time. Obviously not taken duning our last visit. It was too cold and raining the entire time to do anything but coax the dog out of the rotten seaweed and check the BBQ.  Come on folks!  It is the PNW, of course the weather is frightful outside in December!
I have information to scour, blogs to read, photos that need editing, time to waste, the world to save all from the comfort of my sweet little laptop.

I have noticed a change the last few days. My house is clean (for my standards), I have actually read an entire book, walked the dog more than once a day, actually picked up my cell phone and talked to my friends.

Do I really spend that much time on my computer?

You don't need to answer that.

*My name sure does have a nice ring after those words

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