Saturday, December 11, 2010

A few pretty things

 It is the season and all. I just have to share a few of my favorite things with you right now.  A few simple things for the house and and the most important part of the equation - you! 

Make life easy.

Make life simple.

Make life PRETTY!

This by far is my favorite new toy in the kitchen. A simple 5 quart dutch oven. Have you used a dutch oven before? They are amazing! It is French, and the design has been around for centuries. Need I say more? From braising meats, sauteing veggies, to baking bread, the versatility won a place in our kitchen. We loved it so much we went and went and got the cute little 2 quart little sister. Spoiled! Spoil yourself! Winner winner chicken dinner!  

This is a non stick baking mat - sorry most of you probably know this. I had no idea until a friend wondered why I didn't have one. Good question. I used parchment paper for all my cookies, breads and roasting of vegetables it makes the clean up so easy.  This is reusable and easy to clean up. I have two. I love them. You will too. Make it easy on yourself. Come on! The French use it !

If you have spent any time in my house you will pick up on one thing right away.... I love red. The furniture, the art, the curtains. Sometimes it is a bit much, but I LOVE red. If you happened to open my closet or be so privy to see the explosion of the closet onto the bedroom floor ( sorry J! ) my shoe fetish might be apparent. I LOVE shoes. Comfy shoes. I have a stash of heels but they make my knee hurt and that is not fun. 
I came across TOMS and have been lusting after them for some time. The best part - for every pair of shoes you buy, they give a pair to someone in need. Win - win!
They are fun Check 'em out!

I picked up this cookbook early in the summer. The pictures are incredible - bonus. The recipes are captivating. The ingredients are easy to come across and spot on. It is all about being creative, 12 different kinds of flour in 75 recipes. The flavors and textures she creates are unbeatable. Score!

I have been coming across Jim Lahey's name for some time. Well, as soon as I heard about the no knead method of bread making. The day I finally splurged on this book I read it cover to cover in the sunshine on my deck with a glass of wine. Perfect pairing. Anyone can make bread with very little effort. This book will help. Trust me. Enjoy!
I love my hair. You should love your hair too. It is easy, on most days. A good hair stylist helps. Find one if you don't have one. You have one shot at it. Honey Salon in Bellingham is top shelf. I love this place. You might too. They introduced me to Moroccan oil. It does amazing things to my hair. It will love on your hair just as much. Another treat. Do it!

Our wild and crazy cat it one of a kind. Seriously. She looks sweet but never judge a book by a cover. She gives us good belly laughs. Priceless.
This dog/wonder woman is incredible. She is one of my very favorite things in the world. She keeps me amazed everyday and keeps my heart soft. Natasha reminds me the the best things in life are playing outside, eating, sleeping, cuddling and making sure our hair looks really good. She just gets better with age. 

The best for last! This man - o - wonder. He is my love, my best friend, my play buddy, my inspiration and my port in a storm. He balances me out ever so perfectly. He has made me a very happy lady, supporting me in whatever my little heart desires to do. He makes me feel like a princess. He is amazing and I am such a special lady to have him! Yep - it is that choked up, a little weak, kind of sappy feeling and I LOVE it!

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