Thursday, July 24, 2008

Boxx Berry Farm now has ripe raspberries. They are truly incredible. I teamed up with a couple of other women from work this week and have picked a good share. The vines were just sagging with the weight of all the ripe berries. Even more incentive to pick: $1.75 a pound. I want to get a considerable amount to freeze. What a treat! Next up... blueberries!

Well the garden saga continues. There is just so much to learn! Last night I came home to two of my planters engulfed in aphids. This happened overnight. What causes this? Where do they come from? I quickly got rid of the planters and sprayed off the plants around the infected areas, I am still a little leery about the situation. Good thing Google is just a click away. (All you need to know about aphids) I continue to fight the deer. They have decimated the fig tree that Dad gave me and continued to munch on the flowers. Arg!

We went to the Cololusses Theatre in Langly, BC, last night. Wow, a real movie theatre! It was great to sit in nice big chairs and be blown away by a big screen and thundering sound (we might have been a bit too close to the screen...). The flick: The Dark Knight. Batman...I am not going to spoil it for anyone but I would recommend seeing it. It is pretty darn good. Classic good vs. evil.

Corrie Stiles is flying in on Friday! It is going to be great to have her up here for the weekend. All kinds of fun to be had. Rafe's sailboat, festival on Lummi Island, BBQ, farmer's market....The list goes on.

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