Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jonathan, Amy, and Kaylen have made the trek to Bellingham from Austin and are here in town for the week! It is great to have them around. Kaylen is almost two years old and a big ball of happy energy. Amy is pregnant and they are expecting #2 in December. Looks like I can can have kids through them. No, it will be fun someday. Just not now. As I am reminded by seeing this little angel, I am more than willing to babysit. JJ and Amy will be here until Monday and I think they will keep us nice and busy with all kinds of fun things. Tonight I think the guys are going to play disc golf in Sudden Valley and I want to go bouldering.

Toby, my parents dog is getting pretty old these days. He is a big German Shepperd. The old man is moving pretty slow and can't get up the stairs anymore. My heart goes out to the fellow. My Mom is getting a cat from Audra to prowl around the house and Dad is talking about getting another dog. I think he should get a small lap dog that will follow him around everywhere. He would love that. His mom had a several poodles, Buffy... It is inevitable.

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