Saturday, July 05, 2008

Garden Research and Home Impovement

I now have what I have wanted for so so long, I have my own garden. Yesterday Dad came and dug up our yard and made a huge bed for me. It took him no time at all, he worked up the soil as well, with a little work today it should be ready to plant. He gave three tomato plants from his greenhouse as well as some basil starts. I will have to say these are the best basil plants I have seen. They are so healthy and robust.

I am in the process this morning of researching some acid loving plants to put in one end of my garden where the neighbors have a big spruce tree. This part of the garden is going to receive shade for most of the afternoon as well. As far as vegetables go, radish and sweet potato have a pH preference of 4.5 to 5.5, potato 4.8 to 5.5, and endive, parsley, pepper, and rhubarb all prefer a pH level of 5.5 to 6.5. I will probably plant a little rhubarb patch in this location knowing this information.

I also have to find a tree for the yard next to the road. My wonderful neighbor, Sherry, was so excited to get that bush out of there she said that she would help us buy a nice tree to replace it. So I am thinking an white ornamental cherry. or pink ornamental cherry, a maple tree would also be beautiful. I plan on perusing a couple nurseries in town and pick one out today.

The next major task that John and I have been beating to death is the back splash for our kitchen. The two options that we have came up with are tile or metal laminate. After a quick boulder session at the beach last night we went to Lowes and picked out about five different styles of tile and all the material to prep the area for tile installation (hardi backer and thinset). The tile ranged from slate to glass tiles. The prices for each ranged from .76 to 13.99. Of course the tile that we want and the only tile that would look good it the tile that is 13.99 each 12x12 sheet. So we are looking at a $300 backslpash! It would look incredible, but as if we can shell out that kind of money for backsplash. So we are going to wait until Monday and check out Sherwin Williams and their selection of laminates and see if we can order something from them. Needless to say how much time we will save with installation and it won't be nearly as messy as grouting.

I hope that no one has to order window coverings for their house anytime soon. Hunter Douglas is making a killing! So we have been without blinds since we moved in. We have four large windows that face west and south. We get direct sunlight into our house in the afternoon, it gets hot, and is hard on everything in the house as well. So I had a person contracted through Costco come and give us a bid on cellular blinds for only these four windows, plus one small one in our TV room. Are you sitting down????? $1,300. I still am in shock. We looked around and this is about how much it costs. It still leaves me speechless. I don't know what to do.

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