Monday, July 21, 2008

Sky Valley Fun

Redneck round-up

Fun in Sky Valley! Little did I know that one could have so much fun in driving a beater old truck. Or should I say I had no idea the culture and following "wheeling" had. Apperntly I have been in the darkto this whole "sportsman" subculture. John and I squeezed, squished and crammed our little bodies in the back of Bryan's truck and went bouldering in Gold Bar (between Sultan and Index) on Sunday. Great move, considering the heat and sun. (I don't know how I used to climb in the sun constantly). It was worth it. We only saw one other group of guys climbing and over the course of the day I got a feel for the bouldering in the area. I completed a handful of problems, which I never do that often, so that feels incredible. I flashed a couple of V3s as well as several V2s. I am ready to get on some harder problems there. The climbing was good, the company was fun and the sights were beautiful. The road to access the place was the real beef of the day. First, turning off of Rieter Road, we had had to pick our way through the hoards of motorcyclist, four wheelers and these mutant trucks. The road, all three long argous miles of it, is puckered with monstrous potholes, rocks, boulders and washouts, oh yeah and did I mention, motorcyclists, quads and mutant trucks. Dodging this was more stressful than a day of climbing. Rafe almost knocked the window out with his head. That is just Rafe for you. I hope this guy has health insurance, he is a bit accident prone. We finished up the day with Zeke's. The best burger joint...really.

Over the weekend we also had a BBQ, cooking up some fish, ending up with a great big meal. Summer is hear and so is our fresh produce!! I love our house these days, it is so easy to have people over, the kitchen is huge, tons of counter space, the deck is nice and big, our living room is great to hang out in. I am feeling a bit settled, imagine that. It feels good!

Second time is a charm...Not so much...

I will not be bothering to go back to the Chuckanut Brewery for dinner anytime soon. Their beer was good and the nachoes as an appy were worth it. I have been to the new brewery twice since they have opened. I was excited to have a new establishment besides the floundering Boundary Bay. Friday we ventured there with the Dorrs', doing our Friday night thing. This time I tested the soup and salad. Usually enough food. Nope once again I left hungry. I have left there hungry each time. This means that I am either ravenously hungry or the portions are just too small. The menu is creative, but, it feels like that is where the effort has stopped. The food leaves one wondering if they had put any thought into the final product. They have some serious issues to work out until we can take them seriously.

I promise pictures soon!

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